• anti-walk pins

    Rhino Series Anti-Walk Trigger Pin Set

    Our precision machined anti-walk pins are designed hold your trigger and hammer in the perfect alignment to eliminate trigger wobble. Put a pair in your trigger and feel the difference. Specs for Rhino Series Anti-Walk Trigger Pin Set 100% 4140 steel .08 ounces per pin (basically weightless) Lifetime warranty
  • Rhino Trigger

    Rhino Series Trigger Group

    Pulling this trigger feels like pushing a dime across the table, and then the dime just disappears. The reset is even smoother, and the break afterwards is even lighter and crisper than the original pull. The Rhino Series Trigger Group was designed with no expenses spared. It’s built from hardened tool steel and coated in nickel boron for increased lubricity, durability, and ease of cleaning. It utilizes chrome silicon springs...