• 1911-2011 Tool Kit

    1911/2011 Competition Breakdown Kit

    A set of unique tools designed for the assembly and disassembly of 1911/2011 pistols. Includes our RPT (Reverse Plug Tool) which is used to depress and contain the reverse plug and recoil spring on 1911/2011 bull-barrel style guns. This kit also comes with our Firing Pin Stop Tool which is designed to quickly and easily remove the firing pin stop during disassembly and contain and depress the firing pin and...
  • spring kit 1

    AP Custom Spring Kit

    The AP Custom USA spring kit comes with everything you need to make emergency repairs to your shotshell carriers while at the match or in the field. Specs for AP Custom Spring Kit (10) 303 Hi-Yield Springs (10) 4-40×3/16 button-head cap screw (10) #4 lock washers (1) 3/32 short hex wrench
  • 12 Gauge Case Gauge

    Shotgun Shell Case Gauge

    The quality of shotgun shells appears to be declining, and a case of even major brand shells often has a couple that aren’t sized correctly. Our 12 gauge shotgun shell case gauge allows you to size check your shells before you go out shooting, ensuring that you don’t get a misfire from an improperly sized round. Specs for 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Case Gauge 100% anodized billet aluminum Weight: 3.20...